Musings from the Grammar Crammer

A message from my mother…..
My name is Connie, and I have the reputation of “Grammar Crammer.”
The reason I am surfacing now is my oldest daughter is writing blogs. Love the content but am temped to bring out the red pen and make a few corrections. However, that’s beyond rude. She is not my student; she is my daughter.
Many, many years ago I taught Business Communications. This daughter refused to take my class because she was too “cool.” So it’s payback time. Back to my reputation….students, one teacher, and even my husband had to succumb to my fine tuning. More than once did I attempt to educate a government teacher on the proper use of bad and badly, etc. He was the cool IU grad who thought he knew it all. In an attempt to bring him down, I even resorted to paying my students each time they corrected him. This made for an interesting relationship! Oh, yes, I made a little money. Wonder if he still says he feels badly!

I have been retired 21 years and must admit my skills are not as sharp as they once were, but I still cringe when a grandson says “Me and Mason….., but don’t get me started.

I realize the danger of these comments as there is someone out there with a red pen who is eager to pay me back for all the times I corrected them. So…. I am signing off. Lisa, I am still waiting to give you a quick review on run-on sentences! ❤️ you, Mom

Picture: My parents John and Connie Milholland



Author: parkinsons95

I used to be a stay in the lines, go with the flow, don't make waves kind of person. I have changed. Parkinson's is one of the many cards dealt to one in life that can shift the mind set. I am now a find the line and push beyond it, swim against the flow, and waves? I will splash and make as much joyful noise as I can, while I can, fearlessly. Brave.

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