How Does That Work?

“As you write down your thoughts and feelings, do they tend to encourage your spirit and determination to keep on keeping on?” It was a wonderful question from an old friend, teacher, and life mentor. I answered the above question with a quick “absolutely.” When he asked, How does that work?” Well, I’ve pondered that question for 2 days.
RS (my teacher friend), this is how it works?

When I journal privately, I don’t know why, but I usually fall asleep after the first few sentences. Lol

This blogging …..
1. I have found that if I know that someone might read my thoughts I am more intentional.
2. I think deeper and am more in tune with my feelings.
3. Something I say might help someone else, connect me with someone else. That gives me purpose.
4. It helps me purposely look at is what is good in my life and not wallow in pity. I’m still not sure how that works, but it does.
5. Unlike other forms of social media, it makes me want to share the real me, not just my best side, but the flawed person who is doing her best to love others and make a difference in some way.
6. I love words. I cringe at math.
7. I tried Wheel of Fortune and Words with Friends. This is more meaningful to me.
8. I have a hard to writing with a pen. My handwriting is horrible. That discourages me from journaling.
9. I like to tell stories.
10. I like to laugh with people.

Thank you, RS, for asking the question. However, it really still is a mystery to me how it works.



Author: parkinsons95

I used to be a stay in the lines, go with the flow, don't make waves kind of person. I have changed. Parkinson's is one of the many cards dealt to one in life that can shift the mind set. I am now a find the line and push beyond it, swim against the flow, and waves? I will splash and make as much joyful noise as I can, while I can, fearlessly. Brave.

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