What I really want to Say

I have a new cleaning person coming on Monday. You bet the mess that you see in this picture will be totally picked up, but I am sharing it now because I want people to know the real me. Sorry, mom! Lol. My favorite comment from my mom once while she was dusting my living room shelves was ” dog hair can get way up here, wow.” Lol. Love you, mom! I have seen the word ” inspiration” commented on  on some of my posts that it makes me want to be clear who I am. I am just a girl who likes to write, and this picture sums up lots about me.

1. Black case on the dresser- that is my friend’s flute. I promised her I would put it on eBay for her to sell and have neglected to do that yet. Also, buried on that dresser are thank you notes that haven’t been sent. I have let people down in my life.
2. Aluminum foil on the wicker chair was put there to stop the cat from scratching and ruining the chair. The cat was a bad decision. I make bad decisions sometimes. I am impulsive. Thus, I am stuck with this foil wrapped chair for who knows how long and a cat that gnaws on my arm. Don’t even mention giving Milo away. Not an option.
3. Clothes that should be on hangers draped over the chair. Yes, I often cut corners and do the fun things first in life.
4. The pillow you see is is a sign that the bed is not made. Organization is not my strength. I worked hard at that, too.
5. Oh and those two colorful pillows, I really didn’t need those, but they were on clearance. I cannot pass up a bargain for the life of me.
6. Out of sight in that same room is the closet I cry in when I am down. I am not known as the glass half full kind of girl. I have to work to be positive.
7. If you look closely on the chair, you’ll see a pillow that I had made with family photos on it. That’s what means the most to me. My family, my friends, people, all people.
8. And if you got up really close, you would see dog hair and cat hair. Yes, they smell. They are trouble. They mess up my house, but I can’t resist a dog or cat who needs rescued.
9. If you look deeper on the dresser, you will see who holds me together. That cheap dimestore picture of Jesus was was my grandmother’s.
10. My phone is not in the picture because it is in my hands. Yes, I am one of the countless who have to work to put her phone down.
If you continue to read my blog posts, I just want it to be clear who I am – a 56 year old who probably has dog hair on the top shelf of a book case in her living room and doesn’t care….. until the cleaning person comes. That’s me!
Let’s continue this journey together, yes? Who are you?



Author: parkinsons95

I used to be a stay in the lines, go with the flow, don't make waves kind of person. I have changed. Parkinson's is one of the many cards dealt to one in life that can shift the mind set. I am now a find the line and push beyond it, swim against the flow, and waves? I will splash and make as much joyful noise as I can, while I can, fearlessly. Brave.

5 thoughts on “What I really want to Say”

  1. I should take a picture of our living room .. the dog got a new toy and there is shreds of it everywhere. I cant even count how many pieces of furniture the cats destroyed over the years…but they have given us much more than they have taken.. and you cant put a monetary value on the love a pet gives you.


    1. I agree. Hey, don’t you live in New York? We are going to be in Olean, NY the first week of April for my college son’s baseball game. Any recommendations of good places to park an RV?


      1. First week of april might be tough as most of the campgrounds in New York don’t open till middle of may due to the cold temperatures. Have you thought about maybe doing some “Harvest Host” stays ? https://harvesthosts.com/ they dont offer any hookups but let you park for free with if you are a member. Dumping your tanks will also be a problem in april.. we don’t have many dumping stations around and like I said the campgrounds dont open till may. I stayed in Evangola ( 70 miles from olean ) on Lake Erie last year but they dont open for camping till 5/29.
        for Niagara Falls.. I suggest either Evangola or “Branches of Niagara Campground & Resort ” http://www.branchesofniagara.com I have never been there but it seems nice and is close to the Falls ( plus I booked a stay there for september )


  2. Lisa, that corner is not all that bad. You’ve raised 3 boys+ one more (older gent) and that says a lot. Hang in
    there you are one good, writer and person . I have followed in my Mom’s footsteps and I wonder is it all worth having a clean house, closet, drawers, car, etc??? I have a plaque I purchased and it says “sometimes I open my mouth and my Mom comes out”. So true. JK

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