Togetherness Through the Rising Rivers of Life

“OK,let’s go in together” I said to my husband as he pulled in the parking lot of the grocery store. We do things like that now that we are empty-nesters. We used to have to divide and conquer to get everything done with the kids around, but today as we walked into the grocery store, I turned to him and said,”You know, we can eat anything we want tonight or we don’t even have to eat a meal. We could just snack all night watch a movie.” So with new meaning of divide and conquer, we both went off in different directions to get whatever we each wanted to eat then we met at the checkout. I stood there with popcorn, ice cream and four potpies for $10 in my hands. He stood there with slice and bake cookies, a box mix for brownies and milk and a large gallon of iced tea.

This is where things started to go wrong. I insisted that we do the self check out because I thought it would be fun to scan items. With a line behind us, there was a bit of pressure to get things moving. Here’s what went wrong:
1. I didn’t have my discount card which held up the line because the attendant had to help us.
2. As I would scan I kept getting an error message that caused the attendant to help us again. She had to instruct my husband not to lean on the grocery bag sensor table.
3. More items wouldn’t scan, and we needed help again.
4. When my husband bagged the half gallon of milk and a full gallon of iced tea in the same plastic grocery bag, a science experiment was born. Apparently, the weight of those two items does not sustain plastic grocery bag handles.

When the gallon of tea fell through the bag that my husband was carrying and left a Flowing brown river of rising tea surrounding the Croc sandals of the unaware man in front of us, I wanted to walk out of the store not claim him. But being the dutiful wife that I am, I stood by his side and watched the attendant try soak up a sea of iced tea with not near enough paper towel. Then there was that call for help over the intercom.

The Man standing in now what was a puddle of tea was still unaware. I was afraid he would slip, so I put my hand on his arm and I think he thought I was going to steal his cart. “No,” I said, “I just don’t want you to slip in this tea you are standing in.” By that time he noticed his dilemma, and thank heavens he had a sense of humor. When I told him he had ice tea on the back of his khakis, his only concern was ” well, I hope that it is decaffeinated!”

Our attendant put on her best face, but I don’t think she thought it was quite that funny. They did not ban us from the grocery store, but I bet you all money in the world, that my husband will not be going to the self checkout line with me next time.

There are some things you do well together as a couple, and somethings you don’t. Self checkout lines in the grocery store are under the don’t do well together list for us.

We are home now. Pot pies are in the oven, movie picked out. He’s making brownies and I going to have a bowl of ice cream after I type my last word. Have a great weekend everyone!

Suggestion: I think grocery stores should offer self checkout lane classes 101 for beginners like me!
Just a suggestion!



Author: parkinsons95

I used to be a stay in the lines, go with the flow, don't make waves kind of person. I have changed. Parkinson's is one of the many cards dealt to one in life that can shift the mind set. I am now a find the line and push beyond it, swim against the flow, and waves? I will splash and make as much joyful noise as I can, while I can, fearlessly. Brave.

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