Growth Mindset, It’s Never Too Late

  1. Carol Dweck’s growth Mindset Theory has changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but I was once known as a “glass half-empty” girl. In the face of many medical nightmares over the past few years , my fear could have become crippling. As much as we want our children to live with a growth mindset and believe in themselves, we as adults need to examine our own thinking patterns and be brave enough to face our fears. This theory is for us, too. It is never too late to …

1. try something new.

2. stop comparing ourselves to other people.

3. be genuinely happy when others have success.

4. challenge ourselves.

5. live in the moment.

6. enjoy the process of learning.

7. allow ourselves to make mistakes.

8. learn new strategies from our mistakes.

9. know the satisfaction of hard work.

10. believe that effort matters.

11. develop a “don’t quit” attitude.

12. and face difficult situations with grit and perseverance.

Lori Hockema and I wrote our children’s book, Not Yet, based on this theory. This video is a bit dramatic, too. However, I believe that it is never too late. We might not be there yet, but we’ll get there, you bet!

What Do You Do?

A regular college baseball game is 9 innings long, and I mean looooong. When the game is tied at the end of those 9 innings, they keep playing and playing and playing, until one team scores that one little run that edges out the other team. After hours of battle one team goes home victorious, the other, just edged out, and has the big L stamped next to that game forever in the record books.

That is what happened last night to my son’s college team, The Dayton, Flyers. After 5.5 hours of play and 12 innings, they were edged out of a victory by one little run, 21-20. It was called a slugfest so many runs were scored.

Since the game of baseball is so looooong, and I mean looooong, you have so much time for your mind to wander. I like to spend some of that time comparing baseball to life in general.

So what do you do when life feels like you are battling in extra innings and the battling goes on and on? What do you do the morning after that battle when you wake up to remember that after all the hard work you put in, you still have to count the circumstance as loss? ……..

You get up and do it again! You get up. Look up! Keep your head held high and do it again!

It’s called grit! Dig down deep and do it again. Keep going, and don’t quit until you start seeing the V for victory in your life, whatever that means for you in your situation.

Flyers, get up, do it again. Look Up. Hold your heads held high. You’re going to start seeing those V’s for victory.

As for me, I may have life completely figured out by the end of the season if I keep pondering life during these games that are so looooong!