Lisa Cox is a married mom of three grown boys. Her occupation of 24 years is a school counselor in an elementary school. She is also in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. Lisa loves music and words, and loves to write lyrics and cowrite music since she has no vocal ability and was a piano drop out. Lisa adores dogs and has owned 7 through out her life and is trying to understand the one cat in her life that pretends affection, then gnaws on her arm. Lisa grew up in Frankfort, Indiana with her parents who were both educators at her high school and one sister. Lisa also has a nephew and brother- in-law she loves. Lisa would say that she values her family and friends most in her life, and she is an all in very flawed lover and follower of Jesus. Her passion is relationships in life, and she will put down most whatever she is working on to talk to anyone, thus the house that always needs cleaned. ❤ Here is the link to download Lisa’s cowritten song First Punch https://itun.es/is/8suEib